Dhauli movie Review, featuring Gagit bista and Anu Shah

Dhauli – movie review

‘Dhauli’ is a story of a dalit woman named Dhauli who is away from her husband. The movie is about the twist of fate that follows after Dhauli falls in love with the Brahmin man she works for and makes physical relation with him.

Seto Bagh Nepali movie, directed by Nir Shah

Seto Bagh Film Review

‘Seto Bagh’ is a historical movie based on the final days of Jung Bahadur Rana and is inspired by famous novel ‘Seto Bagh’ of Diamond Shamsher. The picture is directed by legendary actor and director Nir Shah and casts BS Rana, Shyam Rai, Rabi Giri, Pawan Mainali and Rajaram Poudyal in the lead role.


Hawaldar Suntali Review

‘Hawaldar Suntali’ is a journey of female police constable, Suntali who was sexually violated by her senior officers. After Lajja, this is another Chhabiraj Production featuring Shilpa Pokhrel in the lead role. The movie made on the real story of police officer Suntali Dhami. Directed by famous director Rishi Lamichhane, it also features Kishor Khatiwoda and Sabin Shrestha.

Nepali movie Nai Nabhannu La 3 featuring Aryan Sigdel, Priyanka Karki, Samyam Puri

Nai Nabhannu la 3 Movie Review

Nai Nabhannu La 3 is a musical journey of a young boy, Rhythm and his bond with her mother. After the massive success of Nai Nabhannu La 2, this was one of the most awaited movie of the year. Directed by Muskan Dhakal, it features Anuvab Regmi, Priyanka Karki, Aryan Sigdel and Suraj Singh Thakuri in the lead role. The movie also features Sanchita Luitel and Garima Panta in special appearance.

Nepali movie Sadanga featuring Saugat Malla, Priyanka Karki, Anup Baral

Sadanga Review

Nepali movie: Sadanga is yet another movie based on gangsters, rivalry, betrayal, greed and lust. Directed by Suraj Sunuwar, Sadanga is movie of neo-noir flavor featuring Saugat Malla as Kalu in the lead role. The picture also features Sauram Raj Tuladhar, Priyanka Karki, Anup Baral, Nabin Manandhar, A. Gurung and Vijay Lama.

Nepali movie Mala review, featuring Aryan Sigdel, Priyanka Karki and SUmnima Ghimire.

Mala Film Review

Mala is a very scary horror movie about the spirit of a dead girl that haunts people responsible for her death. Directed by Sudeep Bhupal Singh (“Bobbie”), “Mala” is a horror movie starring Priyanka Karki as Mala. The picture also features Aryan Sigdel in lead role and Sumina Ghimire, Loonibha Tuladhar (Pawankali of Kantipur TV) in supporting roles.

Punarjanma Nepali movie featuring Aryan Sigdel and Keki Adhikari.

Punarjanma Movie Review

Punarjanma ( meaning reincarnation ) is a story of two army officers who were close friends. The movie is directed by Sajan Shrestha and stars Aryan Sigdel and Gajit Bista as army officers. The picture also features Keki Adhikari opposite Gajit Bista and Susmita Shahi opposite Aryan Sigdel.

zhigrana nepali movie

Zhigrana Movie Review

Nepali cinema: Zhigrana is about the journey of Christine with her crew and a guide to Ruku, they land in a mysterious place called Zhigrana where strange things start happening. This contemporary thriller is directed by Pasang Lama and stars Hanna Geschewski of German nationality as team leader of an NGO and her Nepali accent was quite lovely.


Mission Paisa 2: Reloaded Movie Review

Mission Paisa 2: Reloaded is an action-packed movie presents game of money and war of vested interests. Simosh Sunuwar directed cinema features Nisha Adhikari as Inspector Vaishali on a mission to crack down drug dealers and hopes for a society where nobody has to die because of drug abuse. The picture also features Aamir Gautam as Kublai and Resh Marhattha as Darpan Chhaya in the lead role.

Ajhai Pani, nepali movie, directed by Alok Nembang

Ajhai Pani Movie Review

Ajhai Pani is a cute movie about dramatic romance between Yunisha and Kushal. The movie casts Sudarshan Thapa in lead role as cute and handsome Kushal, Puza Sharma as Yunisha and Surakshya Pant as Shila. It also features Mithila Sharma and Ramsharan Pathak as grandparents of Kushal and Bijay Lama as Yunisha’s Mama.